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The Zoo Crew Exercise Game


NAFH has created an exciting and interactive way to stay healthy while having fun! This unique exercise game consists of 12x16 inch markers displaying colorful cartoon graphics along with a specific task or activity. A NAFH spinner numbered 1-6, including the "Athlete's Choice" happy face, allows players to spin for their next station - giving them options on which exercises they want to participate in. So grab your kids and get ready for some healthful hilarity that'll keep the class, or family, active, motivated...and smiling all throughout!

Fit Zoo Crew Game delivered a thrilling time to kids everywhere! The game, featuring 30 colorful characters each representing unique exercises was an instant hit when it debuted at the Spring Valley Health Fair "It's How We Live" in April 2015. Kids couldn't resist rolling the die and performing amazing movements throughout - putting enthusiasm into their workouts while having fun. It came as no surprise that some returned up to 6 times during the event! Fast forward over seven years later and NAFH still brought smiles by running this energizing activity for families attending its Bike Rodeo in February 2022 - where children were motivated with physical activities even before they received cycling safety tips!

Get fit with the Zoo Crew! This new, innovative game is sure to engage and inspire kids of all ages to get active. Forget about sitting back on the couch - it's time for some outdoor fun while you exercise your way towards health and happiness.

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