The Zoo Crew Exercise Game


NAFH has designed a unique exercise game that allows the participants to be the active part.  It consists of 12 x 16 inch markers with cartoon graphics and an exercise for the participants to perform at each station. In essence it is a giant board game. Everyone we've talked to gets excited and wants to know when they can play. They’ll love it and stay healthy at the same time. We now use a special NAFH spinner that is numbered 1-6 and includes the "Athlete's choice" happy face. As with standard board games, the participants spin and go to the station indicated by the number on the spinner (or select a favorite exercise if the spinner lands on "Athlete's Choice").  They then perform that exercise. An indoor version has also been designed for days when weather does not allow for outside activity. Try our exercise cards if you'd like a more mobile version that emphasizes bodyweight exercises. A larger flash card version is also available for younger kids.


The Fit Zoo Crew Game consists of 30 colorful characters and each character represents a different exercise. The game debuted at the Spring Valley Health Fair “It’s How We Live” on April 25, 2015.  Kids visiting the fair were constantly at the game, rolling the die and running around completing the exercises.  Some kids came back to play 4, 5, or 6 times.  They had great fun and enjoyed the exercises. Most recently, NAFH participated in a bike rodeo, in February 2022, where kids and parents were able to play the game while waiting to learn cycling safety tips.

The game is a modern method that gets and keeps kids of all ages interested in exercise play that they want to be involved in. These fun activities will also get the participants outdoors and off the couch while they get fit with the Zoo Crew.