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It is the mission of North American Fitness and Health (NAFH) to provide America with a convenient, fun and effective opportunity for our youth and their families to increase their fitness levels and well being. 

NAFH provides the functional movement basics so necessary for children to succeed when they begin sports and dance. Functional movement also provides children the correct techniques and knowledge that helps prevent injury. Because of the need for functional movement techniques, NAFH enhances school fitness programs. It is very much like learning mathematics. Without learning the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing (the foundational math skills) the advanced skills of algebra and geometry will be much more difficult at best.  Or, without the foundational movement skills, more risky in the case of dance and sports.



Meet The NAFH Team


Patricia Brown


Patricia is a certified personal trainer with almost 10 years experience working with children. Patricia is an American Red Cross certified CPR instructor. She has strength and conditioning experience with basketball and football athletes. Patricia is currently studying Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness Science at Arizona State University. 

Nick North



Nick is a retired Navy SEAL with over 22 years in operational special operations. He is also a former fire captain, college instructor and EMT. He holds an Associate in Science Degree in Fire Protection, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and a Masters of Business Administration. He is currently a Certified Fitness Specialist and Adjunct Professor for National University teaching Homeland Security and Emergency Management. North American Fitness and Health (NAFH) was created by Nick to get our kids off the couch into a social environment to sweat and have fun while getting or staying healthy.

Dr. Rosann Rinear

Vice President

Dr. Rinear has been in early childhood education since 1975. She is well known in the San Diego community as a fun, hands-on, theory-to-practice professor at both SDSU and San Diego Community College.

Dr. Rosann's experiences are wide and varied:

     Fifteen years as a professor of early childhood education

     Ten years as early childhood trainer/consultant

     Ten years as the divisional director of forty schools

     Five years as an elementary school teacher

     Five years as an owner/operator of a private preschool

     Three years as Program Manager for Head Start program

     Three years as Director for the Early Reading First Project

     Two years as a Charter School Principal

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